Ford Focus Stobart WRC Rally Car

Fully restored Ford Focus Ex Stobart WRC Rally Car – EU07 SUO

When the car was finished with by The Stobart VK Ford World Rally Team it then went to a private motorsport team in Italy at the end of 2009 and achieved many overall rally wins. The car stayed in Italy until early 2019 when it came to Ireland and only done 3 events before it went to get its complete rebuild at the start of 2022.

When the restoration was complete we wanted it to return to M-Sport to get the original livery printed and fitted to the car by them. At M-Sport the car received a check over by there technicians and we couldn’t miss our chance to invite both Matthew and Malcolm to see the car in the flesh. They were hugely impressed with the end product and build quality, they both got there picture took with the car and signed the inside of the roof skin.

Full details at Motorsport Auctions

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