2024 Autosport International Show Photo Report

So the 2024 Autosport International Show has come to a close for another year. So I thought I would take the time to put together a photo report from this years show.

Headlining the 2024 Autosport International show was Ex Haas F1 team principle Guenther Steiner. He opened the show to the public at 9am on Saturday. At 10am, he was interviewed on the main stage, and accepted questions from the huge crowd that had gathered to hear what he had to say – especially as he had been dropped by Haas F1 a few days before the show!

The 2024 Autosport International crowd watch Guenther Steiner on the main stage
The 2024 Autosport International crowd watch Guenther Steiner on the main stage

The Autosport show is Europe’s largest motorsport event, held at the NEC in Birmingham covering 4 huge halls. The main hall contained the majority of the motorsport stands, with rally cars, race cars, karts and off road racers. This was alongside many of companies dealing with motorsport accessories, from race suits, helmets to huge race motorhomes and workshop tools and equipment.

There was another hall dedicated to performance and modified cars, and another hall for the engineering side of motorsport – this contained many of the specialist engineering companies that deal with the high precision components needed for todays motorsport applications.

To keep the kids happy, there was a lot of simulators and lap time challenges dotted around the show, and the queues were big for these! There was huge amounts of mechandise and model cars for sale from various traders, and they seemed to be doing a brisk trade.

Overall, the show was amazing, I can’t fault it. If you have just a passing interest in anything motorsport, or car related, you’ll find something at the show for you.

Keep a close eye on our social media channels for more content from the show, especially our Tiktok and Instagram, as many videos will be up in the coming days.

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