Subaru Impreza Prodrive N10 Rally Car

Subaru Impreza Prodrive N10

300bhp all steel engine on 34mm restrictor on Motec M800, with launch and anti lag etc. Mapped on Carless Dev2

Modena 6 speed sequential box with DCCD centre diff with Motec diff controller, box 2 events since new.

Ohlins 3 way dampers with tar and gravel springs. 2 events since rebuild at Ohlins uk.

Uprated rear shafts 2 events old from new.

Subaru front shafts 6 events old from new.

AP Racing 360mm floating front brakes, 2 events from new.

Bag tank in boot with new pump and filter 1 event ago.

Full details at Motorsport Auctions

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